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Comments made by people attending Louise's classes, workshops and after using her products, over the years. The warmth, care and effort that she puts into her yoga has touched many.

-Sharon van de Zand-
6 months ago I purchased your DVDS, I had recently had surgery on my right ankle with a talonavicular fusion (plate & nine screws) due to osteoarthritis which is also present in both my knees, hips & hands - @ 51 I was starting to feel ancient until someone recommended yoga, what an amazing discovery! Yoga has started to help with me living with arthritis and also regaining my flexibility which in turn has also helped me mentally.
I love seeing you each morning on floor.

-Claude Belanger-
Amazon (Kindle Edition) eBook
Louise is one of the wisest, gentlest and most friendly yoga teachers. The connection she creates with you in her DVDs makes yoga practice alive at home.
My day is better when started with her guidance.
The book is a nice complement to her amazing DVDs (back pain relief REALLY WORKS WONDERS), or a valuable asset in itself, to help you relax, smile, love yourself and the world around you.
Louise is a cheerfulness role model for me and my three daughters.
I will definitely buy any other new product she makes available for us.

I received your DVDs. Thank you.
I had a quick look already at all of them. Amazing. This is even more than I expected. You create art in this material. Simplicity and nature and music and photography!
And the calming voice of Louise! Yes Louise. The star! You look gorgeous, beautiful, stunning! In white outfits, blue sky or beige sand is all it takes to complete the picture.
I am looking forward to celebrating yoga with your gentle guidance. Looking forward to getting up in the morning, when all the house is still sleeping, so I can "soak up the benefits of my (our!) practice!"
Marvelous work team. Thank you for the opportunity to appreciate it.

I got a hold of your DVD Yoga for your back some years ago and it is one of the best, if not THE best of any yoga exercise at home. I had minor back problems and it helped me enormously.
After 3 pregnancies and carrying my kids, plus a busy stressful life with a lot of moving countries, my back has gotten worse and worse.
I am having some osteopathy done on it now, as my youngest is 6 months old, and I started again do to your "yoga for your back" regularly.
Having tried other dvds to enrich the workout and increase the challenge, I find that your static way of filming, calming voice and beautiful overall simplicity is what I need to start the day in the best way possible.
Thats why I am happy to have found your website with the total of 6 DVDs!!!
and... thats why I am so disappointed to see that it looks like they can only be delivered to Australia and New Zealand!
Please, let me know if there is a way I can get a hold of your wonderful, blissful guidance here in Europe (Belgium). There is so many things available around, and they are so much not what I am looking for, full of fireworks, fancy studios and glitter outfits...
I am awaiting your answer with hope in my heart!
I really need them.
Thank you and all the best for you Louise. You are a fantastic woman. A role model!

- Maxine -
I have been a back pain sufferer for over 10 years,
I have had various injuries, disc, facet joint, sacroiliac joint etc. I decided a while ago that yoga wasn’t for me as whenever I tried it my back would always be worse the following day – also, even though I went to beginner classes I couldn’t do half of the movements because my back would be straining. After yet another back injury this year, my husband bought me your ‘Yoga for Your Back’ dvd, the routine helped me recover from my injury and I religiously do the workout every day. It is the only dvd that I have been able to do without making my back worse and I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering with back pain. It incorporates all the core exercises that physiotherapists recommend and is done at a nice slow pace. I just wanted to say a big ‘Thank you’ to you as your dvd has made a big difference to my health.

Hi Louise Here is a testimonial for you:
I have really enjoyed the Chakra Yoga series of classes in late 2011, and Louises' gentle loving spiritual way of teaching yoga.
Your flow of inspiring words, valuable information and easy instructions help me integrate mind body and spirit together in a relaxing enjoyable experience.
Thank you so much for your words, wisdom and positive healthy approach to yoga.
I just wanted to take you home with me, so I purchased your Chakra DVD so I can have your gentle presence any time I desire!
You are a shining example of what you teach, I am enjoying watching you again and again.
I am so grateful you are in my life and my consciousness.

-Robyn Adelaide-
"Classes are always thoughtfully composed, without pressure to perform the 'spaghetti postures'! Wonderful calming and physically healing workshops."

-Maria Vouis-
I did your Yoga for Your Back session at the WEA yesterday. Firstly, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help with everything. This morning my back feels as if it's really released something especially in the sacral area........ I've been sitting at the computer for a while this morning and normally my sacral area would be really, really achy after I get up-- but the ache is not there now! Yay!!!!

-Barbara Lee Melbourne-
"Dear Louise, You are so generous with your notes and little wisdoms and I am most grateful to receive them. LOVE your new DVD-it's wonderful. I am so glad to be able to practice the eight pieces of silk again! My back has started to bother me again so they are really good for me."

-Lyn Colensa Victoria-
The new DVD is truly Scumptious in every way. Of course Louise you are inspirational and so nurturing in your presentation and attention to detail. Hub Geoff.... What can I say! The photography is beautiful- congratulations!

-Tracey Watson Adelaide Yoga and Meditation Workshop-
Blissfully peaceful, you present in such a beautiful, simple encouraging and nurturing way. You are uplifting, enthusiastic and infectious. An extremely enjoyable day. Thank you Louise.

-Jas Yoga and Meditation Workshop -
A very beautiful day. Peace, Peace Peace. Louise, be congratulated on a truly wonderful Yoga experience with wonderful people. A very emotional experience for me.

-Nola Inglis Yoga to Health student-
I love your classes dearest Louise and the way I feel, like I've come home to me when I practice yoga especially in your classes. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful self. It is wonderful to back at yoga classes. You and Geoff have created a beautiful peaceful Studio at Seaford and I feel very grateful to join you on Wednesday evenings for our yoga journey together. I really like the way you are able to welcome us all as your friends in yoga and that you overcome all sorts of personal, human feelings to constantly remain our teacher, guide, friend and fellow yogi. I really enjoy your sense of fun and the way that you are so resourceful in your presentations.....

-Pam Green, Laidley Queensland-
WOW, Oh my what can I say! I've just received and enjoyed the "Three Daily Practices" . Thank you. Thank you. This DVD is very special. I love the music of Tony O'Connor and your soundtrack use of Awakenings is so relaxing. What can I say. Tony O'Connor's Awakenings is my most used CD.

-Lesleigh Camm Toowoomba Queensland-
Just received your "Yoga Class Practice" DVD and could hardly wait to get it inside the machine! You are both stars! We watch it over and over again. You should be so proud and the final shot of "Brigadoon" is magical

-Elaine Ogden Burra SA-
I love the Eight Pieces of Silk and also the Mudras sequence. It is just beautiful. So calming and peaceful. Thank you for producing wonderful DVDs which enable me to experience the oneness of yoga with you. I'm only sorry that I can't attend your classes

-Pam and Ty Wardner Yoga Class Practice DVD-
You have a very soothing listening voice.... once we have understood the challenge in the poses by watchhng them.... your voice allows us to continue our practice by listening without necessarily watching. Congratulations! We have been looking for a DVD like this one for some time.... we prefer to practice at home with our own company."

I recently purchased your video, "Yoga to Health Yoga Class" and as with "Growing Younger with Yoga" am immensely enjoying the beauty of the location, the affirmations as well as using it to practice yoga with you.

-Jude and Colin Clements Australian Yoga Life Magazine-
We are blown away by the beauty of you new DVD!

-Kate Rumpff Adelaide-
Thank you for the love and light that you are and that you reflect through your yoga classes. They are truly magical! You weave the classic paths of yoga together so ingeniously and beautifully and in so doing uphold and present yoga in its highest and most relevant form. I shall look forward to returning to class after my leave." Namaste".

-Tracey Williams Brighton-
It has got to be one of the most inspirational videos I have ever seen. Everything is perfect from your free flowing outfit to your soothing relaxing narration. I love the exercises, especially the ones using the chair. Thank you again for the wonderful experience you have given me and the best thing is that I can play it whenever I want."

-Ken Lidden IYTA NSW-
The Louise Wiggins weekend was a special time of sharing and learning. All who attended felt very privileged to experience this beautiful energy space with a rare and gifted teacher.

-Elsa Rabold Montville Queensland-
re- Growing younger with Yoga book.Dear Louise plus... We very much enjoy your book. Well done! Please send me some more...


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